Vertex vs Retool

How to decide between Vertex and Retool

Vertex vs Retool

Both Vertex and Retool are platforms that enable building internal tools for your team - which one is right for you? Retool brands itself as a platform for building internal tools quickly whereas Vertex is spreadsheet-like database viewer, editor, and creator. Retool allows you to use its drag-and-drop UI to build custom tools quickly but still requires you to put in the effort of building; Vertex instantly gives you database access using a familiar spreadsheet-like UI without having to set anything up. Retool is best when you need to create highly streamlined workflows for your team using pre-built UI components; Vertex is best when you want to quickly connect an existing database to view, edit, and segment your data collaboratively. Many teams will find that it makes sense to use both Vertex and Retool together as they can accomplish fairly different use cases.


  • Create new databases instantly in a few clicks
  • Access existing databases with a spreadsheet-like UI
  • Instantly generate admin tools for your team without having to build, configure, or write code
  • No learning curve or technical knowledge required


  • Used with external data sources rather than used to create new ones
  • Requires some technical knowledge to build interfaces
  • Has a significant learning curve
  • Can be used across multiple backends (eg SQL, REST, GraphQL)
Is Vertex right for you?