Vertex vs Noloco

How to decide between Vertex and Noloco

Vertex vs Noloco

Both Vertex and Noloco are platforms that allow you to build internal tools on top of your existing database and create new databases. How should you decide which one is right for you?

Vertex focuses on being an instant no-code admin tool that works with any SQL database. Noloco markets itself as being a portal and internal tool builder that also offers views of tables.


  • Accesses data in realtime, allowing your database to be the single source of truth
  • Offers Postgres backend (other backends coming soon)
  • Instantly generate admin tools for your team without having to build, configure, or write code
  • No learning curve or technical knowledge required
  • All changes to database schema applied directly


  • Syncs data from your database into its system before use
  • Syncs from Airtable, Google Sheets, and more on roadmap
  • Allows building of internal tools and admin dashboards
  • Database schema changes are not persisted to SQL database

Is Vertex right for you?