How To Use Vertex As A No-Code Backend For Bubble

How to use Vertex as a Bubble backend

How To Use Vertex As A No-Code Backend For Bubble

There are three ways you can use Vertex as a scalable backend for Bubble:


  1. Install the API Connector plugin in Bubble
  2. Create an API Connection
  3. Generate an API Key in Vertex and add it to the API Connection
  4. Use Vertex's API docs to add API calls as desired.
  5. You can get the datasource, table, and view IDs in the Vertex URL while accessing a particular view (format of [datsource_id]/[table_id]/[view_id]) in Vertex.
  6. You can also get the IDs by right clicking on Views or Columns and choosing "Copy Vertex ID".

SQL Query

  1. Install the SQL Database Connector plugin in Bubble
  2. Create a new Database Connection - you can get your database URL in the datasource settings in Vertex (you may need to add :5432 as the port in the connection string if you get an error)
  3. Add SQL queries as desired

Vertex Plugin (Coming Soon)

  • We're working on a new Vertex plugin for Bubble!
  • Email us at if you're interested in getting beta access!

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