Hosted Postgres Databases by Vertex

Instantly create hosted Postgres databases with a beautiful admin experience.

Hosted Postgres Databases by Vertex

Vertex is a hosted Postgres database service that allows you to instantly create new databases in one click and gives you a spreadsheet-like admin experience out of the box. To create a new database, simply sign up and select "Create New Database" - that's it! No need to worry about what service provider to use, what region to host in, or what version to choose.

Vertex chooses defaults that make sense for most new projects. As of October 2022, the default settings for all new databases are:

  • AWS Aurora Serverless Postgres
  • Region is us-east-2
  • Postgres version 14
  • PostGIS support
  • SSL enabled
  • Shared hosting

Vertex provides you with a connection string (database URL) for each database. Depending on the plan that you're on, you can get read or write access to the database and you don't need to worry about row limits. You can also create Airtable-like views on top of your database and share them with your team.

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